A Rewarding Opportunity

Don’t delay, start now and let Us help you achieve your financial dreams!


The first step is to purchase an annual membership plan of ₦5,000 on our website www.corperswee.com, which gives you access to lots of features on our website, as well as access to our premium articles on Leadership, Business Ideas, Inspiration & Motivation, Self-Improvement, Dating & Relationship, and many more. And it also qualifies you for the affiliate program.


The second step is to register as an affiliate at: www.corperswee.com/affiliate, using the referral link or sponsor I.D of the person who referred you. If no one referred you, simply contact us with the details on our contact page for a sponsor I.D. After registering, you’ll receive an online Starter Kit, which provides you with the basic training and 24 hours, 7 days a week support on how to grow your business.


The third step is to tell others about this opportunity, either by sharing our video with them or directing them to our website. Then, get them signed up under you by sending them your referral link or username, which will be their sponsor I.D; and help them repeat this same process you just did. This will create the multiplication you need for ultimate success in the Corperswee Affiliate Program.


What makes this business very lucrative is its Unilevel compensation plan, which is the heart of our business plan. This system allows you to build a large network and generate lasting, sustainable residual income. The power of the unilevel is that it allows you to be paid on volume very deep in your network, 10 levels precisely, with unlimited width on each level. That means you can have as many people as possible on any level, and every one of them contributes to your income.

How It Works

4 Ways to Earn Income


Action: Share this business opportunity with new people who become Members by purchasing a membership plan.

Bonus: You get paid 8% of the membership plan fee all your personal enrolled members purchase.


Action: Develop leadership within your downlines by helping others achieve their goals.

Bonus: Earn a percentage of the membership plan purchased by everyone in your 2nd – 10th level. That means you earn up to 50% of what everyone in your second to tenth level earns.


Action: Help others grow & get rewarded. Ranks are achieved based on the total number of downlines in your network.

Bonus: Cash Bonus, A Brand New Laptop, Car Allowance, Housing Allowance, A Brand New Car, & An all expense paid Trip to Dubai with 3 of your family & friends.


Action: Corperswee Affiliate Program allows you to continuously get paid on your past works.

Bonus: Every time your downlines or everyone in your network renew their plan, you get paid. And you still get paid the same commission you received when they made their first purchase.

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